I, Cloud

I, Cloud takes us to a future where independent thinking is illegal and poetry has been abolished. The protagonist, Aqsh,  runs a ‘like’ factory. But ironically, he is now being held captive for not posting a ‘Like’ promptly. During his time in captivity, he has strange encounters.

First, with a mysterious girl who wants to dig deeper into his memories and then with an androgynous, virtual, cloud, who speaks like a ‘tapori’. While mysterious girl takes Aqsh on an internal journey, Aqsh preps up the Cloud for a journey on social media. Poignant, funny and poetic, I, Cloud is a heady combination of futuristic nightmares and dreamy nostalgia.

I, Cloud premiered at NCPA Centre Stage festival and has been performed at the prestigious Kala Ghoda festival. This play features the renowned lyricist and scriptwriter Mayur Puri and National award (2018) winning singer Shashaa Tirupati in the lead.

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